1. What is the difference between cold rolled steel sections and hot rolled steel sections?

Hot rolled steel sections are manufactured from a hot steel billet that is then formed while the steel is red hot and highly malleable. Cold-formed sections are formed at room temperature from a coil or sheet supplied by steel suppliers. This process requires precise tool design and the correct steel grades being selected. High Carbon Steel's are generally not suitable for cold forming.

2. We have a unique section we wish to manufacture, what do we do?

The patent and trademark applications are your responsibility. Inprofile p/l manufactures to client specifications. After perusing your diagram showing dimensions and tolerances you require, Inprofile p/l will confirm whether the said section is within their manufacturing abilities. We will make suggestions to assist in m/f the said profile as economically as possible to your requirements. After the client signs off the final drawing, an initial order quantity will be m/f at a pre-agreed cost. Lead-time depends on the nature of the sections design specifications. Generic sections (angles, channels, purlins, lip channels and top hats are m/f in 3 – 10 days. Special sections requiring custom tooling require 6 weeks to m/f tooling.

3. Who pays for the tooling required for our custom section?

Should tooling be required to m/f a custom section, the clients pays 50 % of quoted tooling costs.

4. Can Inprofile p/l utilise the tooling we have paid for to m/f for any other customer?

No. Once a client has fully paid for tooling to roll a specified section, Inprofile will m/f only for the said client. If the client does not utilise the tooling for a period exceeding 24 months, the said client will be contacted and asked to remove there tooling after paying the 50% outstanding tooling cost borne by Inprofile. If this does not occur, inprofile reserves the right to claim the tooling to recoup costs.

5. What is the minimum order for a section?

This depends on the nature of the section required. Please enquire which sections Inprofile keeps a minimum stock of. On our Channels, Lip channels and purlins as per our “ General sections.pdf” price list attached, Inprofile m/f to order and guarantees minimal lead-time, despite small quantities. On unique sections, not stocked by ourselves, we require a minimum order of 600 meters.


6. What steel grade is suitable for my application?

Our main steel supplier, Arcelor Mittal, m/f a wide ranges of steels that will best suit your requirements. Inprofile p/l needs to understand the application of the said section before giving you is technical assistance.Inprofile p/l stocks hot rolled steel, pickled and oiled material, cold rolled steel, pre-galvanised steel. 300WA steel, various grades of Supraform steels and Stainless steel in grades 409, 304 and 316. Each grade has a specific application – please tell us about your needs.