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Inprofile 2000 (Pty) Ltd is based in Roodekop, Germiston on the premises of Aveng Trident Steel. Our main scope of supply is the production of cold-formed steel profiles.

Extensive machine capacities, constant improvement and innovative solutions see Inprofile and #40;Ptyand#41; Ltd as one of the only flexible and accommodating manufacturers in the world. Our delivery program is almost endless.

What is cold rolled steel? Cold rolling is an assembly process to produce very large sheets of metal that are then shipped to the metal fabricator that you would contract with. The sheet metal forming process is completed by passing the metal between rollers that crush and compress the metal into the desired sheet metal size and width. It does this by bringing the temperature closer to room temperature to increase and increase the strength and hardness of the steel.

At room temperature, the steel sheet runs through two or more rollers. The rollers reduce the thickness of the steel sheet and increase its strength and hardness. It is important that the blade does not lose its ductility. This means that the end product is not prone to cracking or warping. This is the difference between hot-rolled steel.

What Are The Properties of Cold Rolled Steel:
One of the properties of cold rolled steel is its high strength. It is preferred in mechanical applications as it is incredibly resistant to denting.

Cold Rolled Steel can be enameled and color-coded. In fact, it's recommended because steel corrodes over time. By applying a protective layer of paint, the life of the metal is significantly extended.

Cold rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel that has been worked by cooling to room temperature and annealing or temper rolling.. It is also up to 20% stronger than hot rolled by using resistance hardening.

When producing more detailed shapes, the process includes:

Cold rolled steel generally produces a much better product, a surface finisher with tighter tolerances. It also creates smoother surfaces that are oily to the touch and feel. Other benefits include:

Can be used for precision applications
Harder and stronger than hot rolled steels
Increased hardness, resistance to stress cracking and resistance to distortion from work hardening
Aesthetically pleasing finish with a wider range of surface finishes
The extensive capabilities of the machine, constant Improvement and innovative solutions see Inprofile Ltd as one of the only flexible and accommodating manufacturers in the world. Our delivery program is almost endless

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