Our Steel Service

Palisade Fencing

Curb appeal starts at your fence or gate. It’s the first thing visitors see—and also one of the first big investments you may make when you buy a house.

Palisade fencing is an ever-popular solution to residential, commercial, municipal and industrial perimeter security needs, as it offers both visual and physical deterrence; and, unlike other fencing solutions, it maintains an amicable suburban façade. Furthermore, steel palisades are unparalleled in strength and therefore incredibly durable. Galvanisation ensures rust resistance and added longevity.

Punching and painting of sections, blanks & coils

Pre-punching and painting of sections, blanks and coils

With our high speed roll-formers and blanking lines , we can punch repetitive and non-repetitive hole patterns on your blanks , sections and pre-slit coils. Forward your punching requirements!

Pre-painting and post painted sections are a reality with our sophisticated roll-formers and painting systems. Call us for a quote on pre-painted chromadeck sections or post painted rolled sections


Our two slitting lines facilitate slitting from 1503 mm wide coils x 4mm thick down to 16 mm x 0.4 mm material. Items are packed to your specifications to 0 .3 mm tolerances. Max coil mass is 26 tons.

In converting, slitting refers to the process cutting large rolls of material into narrower rolls. The large roll is typically referred to as the master or parent roll. A slitter is a machine that converts a master roll into one or more narrower rolls.

What is slitting process making?

Slitting is a metal manufacturing process wherein a coil of material, such as aluminum or steel, is slit into the lengths and widths specified by the end application. As the material runs through the machine, the steel rolls are moved through extremely sharp circular blades, making the cuts.

How many types of slit are there?

Slitter rewinder machines use three types of slitting methods to cut material: razor blade, shear cut, and score cut. The most appropriate slitting technique to use depends on a variety of factors, such as the type and thickness of the materials being processed.


We offer a high speed mini blanking facility with the ability to pre-punch holes as you require.

For larger sheet sizes, we offer a full service including material from 0.5mm to 4.0 mm material ( HR, CR and pre-Galv)

Mine Support Systems

The primary objective of a support system is to mobilize and conserve the inherent strength of the rock mass so. Mine Support Products (MSP) is a manufacturer of underground support systems for the mining industry. The company has been developing and manufacturing products for deep-level mining clients for the last two decades, and is co-owned by heavy engineering company DCD and steel tube and pipe giant Robor.