Racking and shelving

Racking and shelving is one of the core factors of any shop, from craft shops to hardware shops and even your everyday grocery shop. In the different types of shops you’ll find various heights of racking and shelving. Having the right height, display size and support structures for your racking and shelving is extremely important, as it can determine the amount of stock the rack / shelve can handle and it can have quite an impact on display and purchasing patterns.

To take an example, craft shops will have more open shelving to display their products better, where your grocery store will have different looking shelves that are all the same height and width. Your hardware shops will have open racks with steel hooks where the products hang on.

These racks or shelves are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted to create different sizes of display space.

Inprofile 2000 specializes in the manufacturing of racking and shelving for the commercial and industrial sectors. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that allows us to manufacture exceptional quality racking and shelving according to customer specifications.

We manufacture beams, uprights, bracing and cut to length blanks. We offer friendly, reliable service, fast turnaround times and competitive prices.